Welcome to Leash and Bridle Luxury Boarding


Our Focus is to Understand What Our Dog & Cat Boarders Want and Need

cat3Our goal here is to allow dogs to be dogs.  And cats to be cats. To provide our dog boarders the freedom to enjoy the comfort of being part of a group. To be able to run, explore, and play at will. 

We like to think of our facility as a private dog park where your dog can stay the night!

And where your cat can feel right at home, and to be able to look out a window and to have space to climb, climb, climb!

Peaceful Setting with Acres to Run

Front page dogs having fun.We have a beautiful, peaceful rural setting. Our kennel is designed for a limited number of dogs and cats, therefore we are ideal for pet boarding services requiring a more caring service with individual attention.  We know that stress is created when an animal finds itself around strangers, in a foreign place, its routine altered, and without its own “people.”  We have done our best to provide a comfortable, caring environment to help ease each animal past those concerns which makes us a unique pet boarding service!

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