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Our Cat Resort

catcondo1Our more sensitive feline friends have a lovely cattery in a separate building, far away from the activity and noise of the dog area.

When your cat(s) stay with us they will have full access to their own private room or cat condo.

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We offer several custom built cat condos. All are spacious units that are  appealing and pleasing to kitties.

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In these condos are multiple climbing trees, window perches, cubbies in which they can “hide and feel safe”  and exploring levels.

cat16Our company office is in the same building as all the cat areas.  Therefore someone is close at hand to monitor and check on the feline friends staying with us.  The space is heated and air conditioned 24/7 for their comfort.

We do not socialize cats with different cat guests staying with us. To keep them busy they have ample room and access to many climbs and toys during their stay.

New clients are always pleasantly surprised at the room their feline family will have with our accommodations.

All condos have room for at least 2 kitties. We also have two 12×14 ft. rooms which are reserved on a first come first served basis. We do however reserve the right to put families of 3 or more in those rooms if necessary.