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Cat Spaces

We are excited to introduce our new cat condos.  They were designed with what cats enjoy most climbing.














Our new redesigned spaces have tree house cat cubbies. Lookout window shelves! Stairs and shelves that go from floor to the ceiling! Large entry doors and shatter proof clear acrylic glass. Plenty of exercise space.
















catcondo1aCall us or stop by to get a tour of our cat resort.  

In addition to these new cat condos. We also have two cat rooms for families with multiple cat companions wishing to keep them all together.

We also provide some standard cat play pen style condos in a quieter part of the facility with lower climbs for our older or less active cat vacationers. 

We can rearrange and customize most spaces to accommodate for medical issues.

All of our spaces are large enough to house your cat carrier inside with them if it makes your companion more comfortable.



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